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Our Early Bird Deadline is All Saints Day, November 1st.

Early Bird campers get the

Early Bird Discount listed below under

"Making reservations for your camper."t


2019 Camper Application and a 2019 Camper Information Sheet are available here as PDFs  (portable document files). If you have Adobe Reader you can click on the links above and open copies.  If you can't, we will be glad to mail them to you or you can download a free copy of Adobe Reader...Just click HERE!

Today, people from across the country and around the world regard Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga as the BEST in SUMMER CAMPING! Click here for our Summer Schedule and TRAVEL SCHEDULE.

2019 Camp Sessions


Sunday, June 2 -- Tuesday, June 25



Saturday, June 29 -- Wednesday, July 31



Sunday, June 2 -- Wednesday, July 31


Introductory Camp Sessions - Very Limited Enrollment

MINI Camp 1

Very Limited for ages 7-9

June 2 -- June 7  6 Days during June Camp


MINI Camp 2 - Girls Only Very Limited for ages 7-9

July 12 -- July 17  6 Days during Main Camp


Junior Camp 1 (J1)

for girls ages 7-12 & boys ages 8-12

June 12 -- June 25  2 Weeks during June Camp


Junior Camp 2 (J2)

for girls ages 7-12 & boys ages 8-12

June 29 -- July 12  2 Weeks during Main Camp


Junior Camp 3 (J3)

for girls ages 7-12 & boys ages 8-12

July 18 -- July 31  2 Weeks during Main Camp


We recommend the Main Session for a maximum camp experience - first time or anytime.

Junior Counselors (JCs) - Rising Junior, Senior, College Freshman - Leadership Program


Saturday, June 29 -- Wednesday, July 31



Saturday, June 29 -- Wednesday, July 31



Sunday, June 2 -- Tuesday, June 25



Sunday, June 2 -- Tuesday, June 25


* Summer Staff -JCs - Tuition Assistance

June or Main Session


FAMILY CAMP!   (More Info)

Friday, Aug 4 -- Tuesday, Aug 8

$480-1st 3 persons.t $180 for the others.  Age 3 & under - free.


To reserve a place for your child at camp, please send a $500.00 reservation fee which applies toward tuition with your application (Balance due May 15).

Family Discount - $100 off the 2nd camper from the same household and family.  20% off of the 3rd, 40% of the 4th or more... etc.

JC Discounts - for rising 11th & 12th graders, are 1/3 off the 1st year and 1/2 off the 2nd year.  So good that other discounts do not apply.

     *There are a limited number of JC Summer Staff positions with some added duties available for those who may be in financial need.

Earlybird Discount - Less $50-June Session or $100-Main Session for June and Main session applications and deposits postmarked by the Early Bird Deadline.

Early Earlybird Discount - Same as Earlybird, but LAST summer's tuition price!  Usually to be postmarked by 4 days after the Main Session end.

Please don't give up if a session is "Full." Join the wait-list. Sometimes there are dropouts and occasionally we can find a space in certain age groups.

These are our discounted prices when payment is by check or cash.  Our list prices apply when payment is by credit card.



Kahdalea and Chosatonga provide ideal settings for each camper to grow to his or her fullest potential in the areas of spiritual, physical, mental and social development in our beautiful wilderness settings. The resources of nature and personalities enrich a balanced program of fun, adventure, education and inspiration.  Emphasis is placed on Christian character building as well as development of social graces, good attitudes, self confidence, resourcefulness and a sound philosophy of life.

Our program includes child-centered and wilderness oriented activities.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of activities to stimulate, delight and challenge each child; and to provide an opportunity for young people to develop lifetime skills and interests in a Christian setting.



Both camps lie in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  Our 210 acres are bordered on three sides by the Pisgah National Forest, which provides unlimited acres of beautiful mountain woodlands.  Each camp has its own separate campus with its own lake, clear bubbling streams, and hiking trails.  The camps are a mile apart.  At an elevation of 2800 feet, the

 summer climate is lovely!

Camp Kahdalea is located just off Highway 64, seven miles west of Brevard, N.C. and Camp Chosatonga is located just off Highway 215, inside Pisgah National Forest.



Activities offered include backpacking, tennis, horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, high ropes challenge course, nature study, mountain biking, drama, sign language, arts and crafts, riflery, rock climbing, archery, fishing, dance (girls), team sports, guitar and more. Chosatonga shares tennis and riding facilities with its sister camp, Kahdalea.



We encourage parents to register early.  We recommend our Main Session for a maximum camp experience.  Our program is geared to meet the needs of campers 8-17.  We maintain at least a  4:1 camper-staff ratio.  Kahdalea's enrollment is 150,  Chosatonga's is 80.



Campers arriving by plane will be met at the Asheville NC Airport.  The airport pick-up and return is provided by the camps.  No luggage larger than a standard footlocker should be brought to camp.  For those traveling by air, baggage may be checked with the camper.  Auto travelers may bring their luggage with them.  An alternative is to ship your luggage by UPS or RPS.   The camp assumes no responsibility for travel to or from camp.  Arrangements should be made by parents well in advance of opening and closing dates of the chosen session.  Complete information regarding travel and baggage will be sent prior to the opening day of camp.



Camp offers children such a wonderful opportunity to develop independence and increase self-confidence.  It is one of camp's greatest benefits and an advantage for your child.  Therefore, we ask that parents limit visits to one after the first two weeks of camp are past.  Please visit on opening day and during our closing activities, too.



Please do not send candy, chewing gum, or cookies to campers.  Food is not allowed in cabins.  We provide fresh fruit for our campers every day.



Our infirmary is staffed by our camp nurse who is on call 24 hours a day.  In addition, our on-call physician visits camp weekly and the modern Transylvania Community Hospital is a short drive from camp. In light of the fact that the majority of parents have their own medical insurance, the camp does not provide health insurance. It is the parent's responsibility to pay for all medical treatment which is beyond the scope of our infirmary (emergency room fees, doctor’s fees, X-rays, prescription drugs, and special medications). Each camper and counselor is required to have a medical examination within a few weeks before arrival at camp. A form to be signed by the examining physician will be sent to the parents before camp.



Laundry service is provided by camp at no charge. Camp cannot be responsible for lost articles of clothing or other personal property. Campers must mark all personal possessions plainly with their names. Do not bring non-essential articles or expensive clothing to camp.



Toilet articles, stationary, batteries, camp shirts and the like are available at the Camp Store. Some craft supplies (i.e., tie-dye T-shirts) will also be charged to the store account.  A suggested amount of spending money is about $35 to $40 per week.  This spending money will be deposited in the camper's store account and any unused portion will be refunded to the parents shortly after the close of the camp season.



A weekly letter furnishing information regarding a camper’s routine camp life, health, special interests and participation in the camp program is sent  to parents. These weekly letters from cabin counselors keep parents well informed of their child’s life, health, and activities while at camp.



Campers who will be at least 16 years old and going into their junior or senior year in high school or new at camp & a freshman in college are eligible for this leadership training program.  They will be given extra duties and responsibilities and will be expected to model high standards.  Emphasis is placed on development of good attitudes, self confidence, resourcefulness, social graces, a sense of values, moral convictions, religious faith and Christian living.  Junior Counselors (JCs)  receive discounted tuition of a third off for their first year and a half off their second year.  They are also eligible to be invited to join the staff after high school rather than after a year of college.  This service is also a good fit for college applications.

Additionally, we have what we call "Summer Staff".  These are JCs who do additional work at camp, usually some service in the kitchen, and receive additional tuition discounts that often make the difference that allow these junior counselors to attend camp.



Kahdalea and Chosatonga are used in the spring and fall for various retreats, school wilderness experiences, meetings, reunions, etc.  We provide staff and program or just the facilities.  Call for information.



Here is a typical list of what to bring to camp.



2 pairs of tennis shoes

1 pair of hiking boots (for older campers and active hikers)

1 pair of riding boots or lace-up shoes/boots with heel (for riders)

1 pair of old lace-up tennis shoes for out of camp water activities or canoe trips in rocky streams (Do not use sandals or “Aqua-sox”)



1 set of “school” clothes for special occasions & travel

12 pairs of underwear

3-5 pairs of long pants

10 pairs of socks (sport or hiking) 9 shirts (Tee or sport)

8 pairs of shorts or cut-offs 2 bathing suits

1 warm sweater

1 very warm  (winter) jacket

1 long-sleeved sweatshirt (available in camp store)

2 pairs pajamas or gowns (girls)

1 poncho or raincoat

1 bathrobe (girls)

1 leotard  (girls - for dance and gymnastics)

2 pairs of khaki shorts



2 warm blankets 1 pillow

2 pillow cases

1 day pack for day excursions

1 large laundry bag 1 soap box and soap

1 toothbrush 1 comb or hairbrush

2 pens or pencils 1 tennis racket and balls

1 guitar/musical inst. (if desired)

1 Bible



    The girls are encouraged to camp out often but their trips are optional.     The boys go out at least once each week and require this equipment.


1 quality backpack* 1 trailpad 1 cup, spoon, non-breakable bowl

1 quart-size water bottle 1 tent (optional) 1 lightweight flashlight

1 compact synthetic backpacker's type sleeping bag with stuff sack

(Please do not bring a bag with any cotton in it.)  We offer a great one through our store.

*A limited number of rental backpacks are available.



Uniforms are worn on Sundays and for special programs. Two shirts must be ordered through the camp.     Order blanks will be sent prior to camp, along with other information.


Please do not bring the following to camp.


cell phones

mp3 players

electronic games & other electronics





large knives, etc.


NOTE:  Pack linen, blankets, footwear, etc. in a duffle bag.  Pack clothing and other items in a standard-size footlocker.  Bring a day pack with "carry on" or other items.


EVERYTHING, yes EVERYTHING including luggage, shoes & equipment, should be plainly marked with the camper’s name.


2017 FORMS

2019 Camper Application and a 2019 Camper Information Sheet are available here as PDFs  (portable document files). If you have Adobe Reader you can click on the links above and open copies.  If you can't, we will be glad to mail them to you or you can download a free copy of Adobe Reader...Just click HERE!




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