CKC Alumni Page!

YOU are the treasured story of CKC!

Chosmen from the early ’90’s

The history and traditions of our camp family are important, but what makes it sacred are the many beautiful campers and counselors who have animated these valleys and spent so much rich time here.  To this day, campers and staff feel that they are part of something greater than themselves, and share a bond with the generations that came before.


  1. SKI-K-C – Love mountains? Love camp people? Love epic Colorado ski towns? Look no farther 🙂
  2. CKC Missions – Join us for an opportunity to adventure and serve with your camp community! Our last few trips have been India/Nepal, Mexico, and this year’s destination is ECUADOR.
  3. 2024 Staff / Alumni Retreat – This is for those who want a shot in the arm of outdoor adventure, camp community, and spiritual reflection. Our retreats in the past have included, Joshua Tree National Park for climbing and camping, 10000 Islands in FL for an island hopping canoe adventure, and, this year, we’ll be enjoying a beach retreat on NC’s outer banks. Join the party! It’s sure to please.
  4. Family Camp – Old camp friends, wine and cheese on the dining hall deck, the familiar sound of singing cicadas in the evening, and adventures everyday in your beloved Blue Ridge Mountains. Consider introducing your family to these magical mountain valleys, or book a cabin just for you and some of your best friends. The choice is yours!


There are several ways to stay connected to the CKC community, past and present.

Camp in Touch. You can create (or review) an alumni account via camp’s database HERE and you can register yourself as an alumni HERE. Access will allow you to share important updates in your life (contact info, marriage, children, moves, etc.), and also see pictures and news from recent and current summers at Vega. We encourage you to check it out!

Social Media. Reconnect with old friends via the CKC Alumni Facebook group. Follow current happenings on the Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga Facebook page and Instagram.

Celebrating 30 years with Anne and Dave!


We welcome everyone to visit their summer home!  Over the past several summers we have been fortunate to have more and more camper and staff alumni request to visit our beautiful camps during the camp season.  Please contact camp with requests for visitation by calling our camp office at (828)884-6834.



In 2022 we hosted an Anniversary Reunion over Labor Day weekend to celebrate Anne and Dave Trufant’s leadership over the CKC community as well as 60 years of CKC! Over one hundred alumni, representing campers and staff from the 60’s through the 2020’s, gathered in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The event was a wonderful success and the bond between all of the attendees was palpable and edifying – not to mention it was just SO MUCH FUN! We are planning a 65th Anniversary Reunion in 2027. Check out our social media links above for updates and reserve your spot today for the reunion! APPLY HERE.

Dome of the Kahdaladies and Chosmen from the 2017 Calcutta CKC Mission


Every year, camp friends, families, and alumni adventure together to Steamboat Springs, CO! Travelling each ski season on a trip hosted and organized by the Backpacker in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the camp community finds an easy and adventurous way to maintain camp connections and enjoy the lovely mountains of Colorado. The camp ski trip usually falls on the first or second week of January and includes 6 days/5 night ski-in/ski-out lodging and 3 days of lift tickets. If you’re interested in SKI-K-C, click HERE to learn more. We’ll be happy to put your name on the list for the next trip!

The camp ski trip never disappoints!
We love our staff 😊

Be assured of our prayers. Our staff prays for our camp family, past and present, every week 🙂