Camp Info Sessions

Past In-Person Camp Presentations

Invite your friends! These camp presentations are designed for anyone affiliated with Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga and any of their friends!

RSVP here to join one of these fun camp parties! We will send you the address for the event within 24 hours of the showing, and your RSVP will help us know how much food to prepare.

1/19/2024 – Charleston, SC with the Groeber Family @ 6pm
1/28/2024 – Thibodaux, LA with the Toups Family @ 4pm
1/29/2024 – Covington, LA with the Jenkins @ 5:30pm
1/30/2024 – Lake Charles, LA with the Thompson Family @ 6pm
2/1/2024 – Houston, TX with the House Family @ 6pm
2/3/2024 – Versailles, Kentucky with the O’Meara Family @ 4:30pm

2/6/2024 – Franciscan University 10am-2pm at the JC
2/7/2024 – Washington D.C.
with the Scalia household at 6:30pm
2/8/2024 – Washington D.C. with the Kennedy household at 7pm
2/9/2024 – Washington D.C. with the McGinn household at 6:30pm

In the Fall of 2023, we visited the following locations:

10/29 Greenville, SC at Holy Rosary Catholic Church after the 10:30 Service

11/1 Atlanta, GA with the Sovero Family @ 7pm

11/5 Thibodaux, LA with the Toups Family @ 4pm

11/6 Covington, LA with the Burrall Family @ 6:30pm

11/7 Houston, TX with the House Family @ 7pm

11/7 Huntsville, AL with the Lally Family @ 7pm

11/7 LSU – Staff Invitations and Talk at C.T.K Student Center @ 7pm

11/8 University of Dallas, TX 11am-2pm

11/8 Dallas, TX with the Heyne Family @ 6:30pm

11/9 New Orleans, LA with the Sutton Family @ 6pm 

11/9 Santa Rosa Beach, FL with the Savioe Family @ 6:30pm

11/10 Tampa, FL with the Williams Family @ 6:15pm

11/10 Baton Rouge, LA with the Willis Family @ 6pm 

11/11 Harahan, LA with the Thomas Family @ 11:30am 

11/11 Alexandria, LA with the Franco Family @ 6pm

11/13 St. Francisville, LA with in the OLMC Fellowship Hall @ 6 pm

11/14 Washington, DC with the Kennedy Family 

11/15 West Palm Beach, FL with the Ferguson Family @ 6pm 

11/15 Franciscan University Steubenville, OH @ 1-4pm

11/16 Miami, FL with the Ross Family @ 6pm

In the fall of 2022, we visited cities in Louisiana and Florida listed below:

Nov. 1 – Safety Harbor, FL

Nov. 2 – Miami, FL

Nov. 3 – Lake Worth, FL

Nov. 4 – Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Nov. 6 – New Orleans, LA

Nov. 7 – Lake Charles, LA

Nov. 8 – Baton Rouge, LA

Nov. 9 – Lafayette, LA

Nov. 11 – Harahan, LA

Nov. 13 – Thibodaux, LA

Nov. 14 – Covington, LA

Nov. 15 – St. Francisville, LA

In the spring of 2023, CKC traveled to the following cities:

Feb.4 – Raleigh, NC

Feb. 8 – Naples, FL

Feb. 9 – Tampa, FL

Feb. 13 – New Orleans, LA

Feb. 14 – Baton Rouge, LA

Feb. 15 – Covington, LA

Feb. 16 – Raleigh, NC

Feb. 21 – Houston, TX

Feb. 22 – Waco, TX

Feb. 23 – Dallas, TX

Feb. 27 – Washington D.C.

March 1 – Washington D.C.

March 5 – Steubenville, OH

March 6 – Hillsdale, MI

Our camp families love to talk about camp, and each year many families invite our staff to visit their home towns for presentations about camp. Email for an invitation or for more information about any of these showings.  

If you would prefer to schedule a time to speak with a Director one-on-one, click here, or feel free to email us at Our Directors would be happy to answer your questions about what we do and why we do it!