Camp Sessions

“This camp is the best investment I’ve ever made in my child.”

– JK, Melbourne, FL


In 2022 our session dates will remain the same, but that is not all!  2022 will also be a very special summer for camp. It is our 60th anniversary! In celebration, and mindful of the difficult year so many in our communities have gone through, we are hoping to keep our rates the same as well! This is normally a gift we offer only to our “Early Early Birds,” but this year we want to extend it to everyone, if possible. 

That said, we will also be keeping an eye on current economic pressures and, though we do not wish to, we may find it necessary to modify tuition in this unusual financial year.  Campers enrolled before an adjustment will not be effected by the change.

Perks for early sign-ups are listed below!


We’re here for you! Schedule a call with a Director via our Calendly link HERE 🙂

2022 Camp Sessions

June SessionSunday, June 5 — Tuesday, June 28$5625.00
Main SessionSaturday, July 2 — Wednesday, August 3$6575.00
Full Summer SessionSunday, June 5 — Wednesday, August 3$9825.00

Introductory Camp Sessions – Very Limited

Mini Camp 1
Very Limited for ages 7-9
June 5 — June 10 6 Days during June Camp$1800.00
Junior Camp 1 (J1)
for girls age 7-12 & boys ages 8-12
June 15– June 28 2 Weeks during June Camp$3850.00
Junior Camp 2 (J2)
for girls ages 7-12 & boys ages 8-12
July 2 — July 15 2 Weeks during Main Camp$3850.00
Junior Camp 3 (J3)
for girls ages 7-12 & boys ages 8-12
July 21 — August 3 2 Weeks during Main Camp$3850.00

Junior Counselors (JCs) – Rising Junior, Senior, College Freshman – Leadership Program

MAIN SESSION for JC-1sSaturday, July 2 — Wednesday, August 3$4300.00
MAIN SESSION for JC-2sSaturday, July 2 — Wednesday, August 3$3225.00
JUNE SESSION for JC-1sSunday, June 5 — Tuesday, June 28$3666.00
JUNE SESSION for JC-2sSunday, June 5 — Tuesday, June 28$2750.00

Here are some special sign-up perks for “Early Early Birds” and “Early Birds”! (Campers attending Main, June, or Full Sessions.)

Early Early Birds: (applied by Sept 1)
• $100 in store credit for use in the summer of 2022
• $100 dollars off of your session
• For your camper: lunch in town or rafting on the Nantahala river!
Early Bird: (applied by Nov 1)
• $75 in store credit for use in the summer of 2022
• For your camper: lunch in town or rafting on the Nantahala river!

Making Reservations for your Camper

To reserve a place for your child at camp, please fill out a camper application for review.  Your camper’s place will be reserved when Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga receive your $500.00 reservation fee which applies toward tuition with your application (Balance due May 15, 2022).  Your reservation fee is payable online via your Camp-in-Touch Account.  

Family Discount – $100 off the 2nd camper from the same household and family.  25% off of the 3rd, 40% of the 4th or more… etc.

JC Discounts – for rising 11th & 12th graders, are 1/3 off the 1st year and 1/2 off the 2nd year.  So good that other discounts do not apply.

* There are a limited number of Summer Staff JC positions with some added duties available for those who may be in financial need.

Please don’t give up if a session is “Full.” Join the wait-list. Sometimes there are dropouts and occasionally we can find a space in certain age groups.

These are our discounted prices when payment is by check or cash. Our list prices apply when payment is by credit card, debit card, or echeck.


We invest a great deal preparing for the summer based on camper projections. If for any reason a cancellation is made prior to March 1st, the amount paid, minus $200, will be refunded. After March 1st, the entire reservation fee is forfeited. As of tuition due date, no tuition refunds are granted for any reason, including medical. Trip insurance is readily available which covers lost camp fees and tuition in case of a medical difficulty. No reduction is made for campers arriving late or leaving early. Make checks payable to CAMP KAHDALEA or CAMP CHOSATONGA.

Reserve a spot for your camper HERE.