Camper Info

The Kahdalea and Chosatonga Spirit

Kahdalea and Chosatonga provide ideal settings for each camper to grow to his or her fullest potential in the areas of spiritual, physical, mental and social development in our beautiful wilderness settings. The resources of nature and personalities enrich a balanced program of fun, adventure, education and inspiration.  Emphasis is placed on Christian character building as well as development of social graces, good attitudes, self confidence, resourcefulness and a sound philosophy of life.

Our program includes child-centered and wilderness oriented activities.  Our goal is to offer a wide range of activities to stimulate, delight and challenge each child; and to provide an opportunity for young people to develop lifetime skills and interests in a Christian setting.

Transportation to Camp

Campers arriving by plane will be met at the Asheville NC Airport. The airport pick-up and return is provided by the camps. No luggage larger than a standard footlocker should be brought to camp. For those traveling by air, baggage may be checked with the camper. Auto travelers may bring their luggage with them. An alternative is to ship your luggage by UPS or RPS. The camp assumes no responsibility for travel to or from camp. Arrangements should be made by parents well in advance of opening and closing dates of the chosen session. Complete information regarding travel and baggage will be sent prior to the opening day of camp.

Camper FAQs

Letters to Parents from our Staff

A weekly letter furnishing information regarding a camper’s routine camp life, health, special interests and participation in the camp program is sent to parents. These weekly letters from cabin counselors keep parents well informed of their child’s life, health, and activities while at camp.

Junior Counselor Program

Campers who will typically be 16 years old and going into their junior or senior year in high school or new at camp & a freshman in college are eligible for this leadership training program.  They will be given extra duties and responsibilities and will be expected to model high standards.  Emphasis is placed on development of good attitudes, self confidence, resourcefulness, social graces, a sense of values, moral convictions, religious faith and Christian living. Junior Counselors (JCs) receive discounted tuition of a third off for their first year and a half off their second year.  They are also eligible to be invited to join the staff after high school rather than after a year of college.  This service is also a good fit for college applications.

Additionally, we have what we call “Summer Staff”.  These are JCs who do additional work at camp, usually some service in the kitchen, and receive additional tuition discounts that often make the difference that allow these junior counselors to attend camp.

Off Season Programs

Kahdalea and Chosatonga are used in the spring and fall for various retreats, school wilderness experiences, meetings, reunions, etc. We provide staff and program or just the facilities. We would love to speak with you about hosting your event. Please contact us at for more information.

What to Bring to Camp

Do Not Bring the Following to Camp

  • All electronics and/or wifi capable devices of any sort including cell phones (active or retired), smartwatches, bluetooth speakers, radios, iPods/mP3 players, electronic readers such as the Kindle or Nook, and cameras with internet connectivity. Campers may bring cameras and GoPros to camp that do not have internet connectivity.
  • Fireworks and lighters
  • Comics and magazines
  • Candy, energy drinks, bubble gum, and junk food of any sort
  • Hatchets or non-folding knives exceeding 3 inches in length
  • Bikinis (girls) and tight, revealing bathing suits (boys)

What’s Next?

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