Gratitude Post

: “Delighting in the Human Race” by Emily Heyne

I do see the creative life of the Trinity at play in them, at the exuberant young voices raised in delight and affection for one another and for the role each individual holds in her place here. Camp life reminds me that I don’t need a special occasion to raise my voice in song, I simply need to run out of dinner rolls.


: “Worm & Flippers and Their Great Appalachian Adventure”: Lizzie Denham’s AT Trip Report

Last year, my Chos-man Aaron Miller and I hiked the Appalachian Trail. For those who are unfamiliar with the AT, it is a 2,194-mile trail stretching from Springer Mountain, GA to Mount Katahdin, ME. Every year, aspiring thru-hikers start at one end with the intention of getting to the other before the snow starts blowing. On average, 25% of people who start a thru-hike of the AT finish it. Aaron and I were 2 of that blessed 25% who made it to the end. Along the way, we went by trail names, his being “Flippers” and mine being “Worm.”