Clinic Information

2021 Clinic Information

Dear Awesome Counselor!

Preparation is extremely important. We are counting on YOU.

SIGN UP FOR CLINICS! We have 2 sets of clinics (trainings) to help you prepare for summer: “Them” and “Us”. “Them” Clinics are led by outside experts, start earlier, and are required for adventure staffs (see table below).  “Us” Clinics are included in normal training, begin on the 22nd of May, and are required for all staff members.  Please read through the descriptions below and call or email our office to sign up!; 828-883-6834.

Medical training is required for our staff!  Please read through point 3 below for your options and call or email our office to sign up!; 828-883-6834.

Practice and start learning before you arrive: explore some Youtube videos in your activity, reach out to a local expert, or feel free to contact us for names of old staff in your area who can pass on some skill and savvy.  Feel free to buy a book in your activity genre and start reading – hold on to the receipt and camp will reimburse you (up to $15)! 

  1. “THEM” CLINICS: Below is a list of special clinics that are led by outside entities, “Them” Clinics. These take place before our in-house training (“Us” clinics) and are great opportunities for learning and growth and will benefit you for many years. Please see the chart below for dates and details.
    • Climbers, paddlers, bikers and wilderness staff need to attend their clinic or discuss other options with their director.
    • If you are a member of another staff, we encourage you can use these clinics as an opportunity to gain new skills and cross-train (while space lasts)!
    • These clinics listed below are the best deals we’ve ever seen on workshops. Many business professionals use their annual vacation taking similar clinics at more than twice the cost. We get good deals… We then split the cost with you! * (We simply put your portion on your store page.)
  2. “US” CLINICS! (“CAMP FOR STAFF”) “Us” clinics are crucial, required, and SO MUCH FUN! These are free, camp run, clinics in each activity or activity grouping. They begin on May 22nd and finish on the 26th. If for any reason you may not be able to attend, please reach out to a director. We make final activity assignments after these clinics. Let the office know on which staff you’ve been placed and they will help you sign up.
  3. WILDERNESS FIRST AID / FIRST AID, & CPR All of our staff need to be certified in 1) First Aid or Wilderness First Aid, and 2) CPR. To help facilitate this, Red Cross CPR/FA will be offered on the 27th and again on the 28th of May, and Wilderness First Aid (WFA) will be offered on May 28th and 29th.
    • If you are on an adventure staff, hope to be a trip leader, or are interested to have a more in depth medical education, book WFA!  The certification is offered by SOLO and is good for 2 years.  We pay all but $25 for your materials (normally a class is $250).
  4. QUESTIONS?!? If you have special circumstances, needs, or confusion, call our office for help!  We’re at your service: (828)-884-6834.

2021 “THEM” Clinics – Discounted for Our Staff.

ClassYour CostPublic CostDates
Wilderness First Aid$25$2505/28-29 Required for adventure staffs. Great deal too!
Wilderness First Responder$450$750Possible August 2022. Contact Camp Office if interested. Camp will reimburse 1/3rd of the cost for each summer you work.
CPR & First AidFree$305/28 (5/27 Recert opportunity for those in WFA)
Archery Instructor$52.50$105Resumes in 2023 (In-house in 2022)
ACA Swiftwater Rescue$50-85$3505/19-20 Mandatory for paddling staff
Rock Climbing Instructor Workshop$60-125$3205/21-23 With Scott Perkins at CKC.
Mountain Biking Trip Leader Training$60-125$2505/19-21
Lifeguard Training N/ARequired for waterfront staff. You are responsible for coming to camp Life Guard Certified.
Riflery InstructorN/A$250For a list of courses in your area contact the NRA Training at 703-267-1430 or check the NRA online.
Caving Trip Leader TrainingN/A$330Resumes in 2023 (In-house in 2022)

CALL or E-MAIL the office NOW and sign up.  –  828-884-6834

* This is the special price for our staff only after discount and split.  There is  limited availability and you must get approval from the camp office first.  These clinics  may be limited based on the activity needs of the camps and the likelihood of where you might be placed.