COVID-19 Updates

The protocols listed below brought us successfully through a covid-free summer in 2021! While we are praying summer 2022 resembles summers past, we will continue to update our camp community as to any guidelines set forth by the State of North Carolina concerning Covid protocols and summer camps. In the meanwhile, stay safe out there!

Required documents to be completed before arrival at camp in 2021:

  1. CKC Pre-Camp Health Screening Form – This form is REQUIRED for your camper to enter camp and it can be found in your Camp-in-Touch account accessible on our front page.
  2. COVID PCR Test Camper Registration – This form is required by Keystone Labs for all unvaccinated campers and staff.


We’re back and we’re so excited that camp is on for the summer of 2021! We are convinced that camp is needed MORE THAN EVER! We are thrilled and ready for in-person, screen-free adventures, the blossoming of new friendships, the challenge and excitement of living in the mountains, and the joys and beauty that bursts forth from living in an intentional community. More than ever, we are ready to receive your children!

After a strenuous year, we are glad to be back at our mission of making amazing summers for your children!  We can’t wait to welcome your campers to another year of fun and adventure with CKC.


The plans below are preliminary and subject to change.  This is merely an image of what camp might look like if we had to open next week. While there is so much reason to hope that in the coming months our situation may improve as vaccines, testing, and therapeutics become better known and more widely available, we want to be prepared for a great summer whatever happens! We will be linking here and / or sending out to registered parents a clearer understanding and updated policies as the summer gets closer. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions — we are at your service!

(last updated: 6/20/2021)


Camp has so many advantages for a fun and safe summer.  Here are just a few!

  • This isn’t our first rodeo: our camps have been providing awesome experiences for nearly 60 years and we are well accustomed to mitigating illness and maximizing safety and health for our campers.
  • We have a wonderfully positive, mature, and enthusiastic staff!
  • As we do every summer, we have qualified medical professionals at camp and our doctors are on call. This year we are increasing our medical staff present on site at camp to better provide for the needs of our camp community.
  • We have been working closely to develop guidelines for a fun and safe summer with our local health department, the CDC, North Carolina Youth Camping Association, and the American Camping Association.
  • Our activities and programming take place outdoors, with sunshine and open air.
  • Our cabins, dining halls and many other facilities are open air, with screened windows maximizing airflow.
  • Our camps sit on over two hundred acres and are bordered on three sides by over half a million acres of Pisgah National Forest.  This gives us so much space to stretch out and to play!


We need your help and to work together to get off to a good start!

  • Carefully consider your camper’s and your family’s risk and make sure camp is a good place for you in 2021. While we strive our utmost for safety, we cannot guarantee a completely COVID-19 free environment. Here is a document from the CDC to help!
  • Parents will complete a health screening document each day for their camper during the week prior to camp to monitor temperature, symptoms, exposure, and provide prior history with COVID.
  • Campers must arrive at camp able to show a negative molecular PCR COVID test within the last 5 days and quarantine from the time of the test until they arrive at camp.  
  • When travelling to camp, driving is preferred but campers may fly to camp so long as they remain socially distant and masked.
  • Our counselors will be following the same pre-arrival precautions and will be here training and quarantining together for 2 – 3 weeks before our summer begins!


Starting off right is so critical for our summer! We appreciate everyone’s help in making this happen!

  • Plan to arrive with your health screening document and negative test and remain in the car while you pull through our receiving area to drop-off your camper
  • We plan for campers to be given an additional rapid test and health check upon arrival.
  • Campers will join their cabin groups: let the fun begin!


  • Our activities will all be fired up and running!  We will continue taking trips to remote locations with cabin and tribal groups and, outside of set cabin times, campers will have the ability to choose activities open to their cohort.
  • We will be limiting all non-essential visits this summer, creating layers of protection through NPIs* and camper groups, and maintaining an “imperfect bubble” for our community. 
  • Cabin groups will function as “family households” and when campers and staff are with just their cabin they will not need to mask or distance.  Masks will not be required inside the cabin under normal circumstances.  
  • These households will be a part of a greater cohort (or “tribe”) and most activities will occur within these tribal groups. Campers will be grouped in cohorts/tribes of ~60 campers and staff for day to day activities after negative results have been returned from PCR testing on day 5. Within cohorts/tribes we do not frequently expect to be wearing masks except when in vehicles or indoors.  We may ask that 2 of the following 3 standards should be followed: they are outdoors, ~3 feet apart, or masked.
  • According to current guidelines for summer camps from the state of NC, cohort sizes can be increased beyond the initial group size of ~60 individuals.  Given negative Covid-19 test results and confidence of our medical staff and advisors, Kahdalea and Chosatonga may opt for a week by week multi-phased approach to slowly and more safely increase activity group sizes to include a larger camp community.  This may gradually allow us throughout the summer to move toward programming aligning with more normal camp activity.
  • Daily health screening will be conducted each morning for staff and campers.
  • Meals will be eaten with appropriate space between cabin and tribe groups so that everyone can be at ease around the table.

*NPIs are Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions. For us, these will include wearing masks and social distancing when necessary, as well as limiting exposure potential though group and activity structures.


  • We strive to work as a team with our parents and communication is key to that!  If a camper is diagnosed with COVID-19 we will notify the child’s parents, as well as parents of cabinmates or others who may have been exposed, as soon as possible.
  • If a camper receives a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, parents must be able to pick-up their camper within 12 to 24 hours. 
  • In the event that we ask a camper to leave early due to COVID-19, we will provide options of a prorated tuition refund or the rollover of that prorated tuition to a future summer with early-early-bird status.
  • After any positive diagnosis, the camper’s cabin group will quarantine together and will be tested.


  • We will be unable to host our traditional Parents Day celebration at the end of our June and Main Sessions this year. We look forward to the day we’re able to interact more freely and easily with our camp families again!
  • Campers and staff will follow a hand-washing routine – after activities and before meals — and will use hand sanitizer as needed when hand-washing is unavailable.
  • Our Infirmary areas will be expanded to provide extra rooms for non-viral treatment, COVID symptom treatment, and COVID-19 isolation.
  • Concerning masks, when in enclosed areas (especially in vans), campers will be asked to wear a standard mask.  In addition, each tribe will be given color-coded neck-style masks to wear when outside of the cabin. We think these masks will be the most accessible for children in our active, outdoor setting and the colors will allow our staff and community to easily distinguish separate cohorts/tribes.  
  • Staff will follow the social distancing guidelines corresponding to their cabin and group whether they are in camp or outside of camp, working or on their time off.
  • Staff will spend their time off either in designated areas on camp property or on approved outings.
  • In the event of a positive staff diagnosis, he or she will quarantine for 10 days and must have a doctor’s letter before returning.
  • Cabins and common areas will have additional cleaning on a regular basis.
  • While camp will take precautions to create a safer environment, we cannot guarantee a COVID-free summer.  If you do not feel comfortable with the increased risk inherent in summer camp attendance, we completely understand and hope your camper will be able to join us in a future season.

We will be linking here and / or sending out to registered parents, a more complete set of guidance as the summer gets closer.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions — we are at your service!