Share the word about CKC and save $200!

If you are sharing the word about camp, we want to thank you for your efforts! CKC is sharing a $200 camp credit with you for every new camp family that lists your name as the primary influence for their application to camp. We will give the new family a $200 credit as well!

To receive $200 towards your camper’s tuition, follow these steps! Have the new applying family:

  1. List your name as the primary way thay they heard about camp in section 1 on the camper application.
  2. Use the promo code HAVEFUN in order to be eligible to receive the $200 towards camp tuition!
“Some of my favorite memories and the best friends were made last summer. Just last week I was trying to explain to someone about my camp friends. It simply cannot be done. They wanted to know how I could possibly be best friends with someone I only knew for a few weeks during the summer and who lives hundreds of miles away. I guess it’s hard for someone who’s never experienced a friendship like that to understand.” – JM, Former Camper

If you’re wondering how to share the word about camp, we suggest the following steps:

  1. Text, email, or call any friends you think may benefit from the camp family at CKC.
  2. Share the CKC video with them by sending this link or share our CKC Linktree.
  3. Let them know that you can share a promo code with them that will give them a discount and tell them to put your name down as the primary reason you learned about camp.
  4. If they have any questions, invite them to speak with a director and we can have a personal zoom meeting or phone call with them.

This discount can be applied on top of preexisting discounts like the early bird discounts, large family discounts, military discounts, etc. Please call us with any questions. We are here to help! (828)884-6834 is our main office number or email us at

We treasure the opportunity to make existing communities stronger! Invite your children’s friends to join them at CKC so they can live out the virtues of camp life more easily at home 🙂 WE LOVE Y’ALL!