“Privileged Seats” by Emily Kasper

Jun 20, 2024 | Adam Trufant

You have such privileged seats- well earned- where you can watch from the front row these young ones become themselves.  For these fleeing days and weeks, we too join that privilege.  A brief moment earlier this week showed a beautiful example- the lightning flash of becoming.  

A counselor listens, ponders- during chapel she yields the floor.  She wonders, “Do I have something to add?  To offer?  Not yet- I have not arrived.”  Later, she feels an interior tug, and offers- just a minute- no more.  But in that minute is all she has to give.  Herself- her own experience.  

Grappling with what feels like God. 

And so- in that moment of courage to stand up- just a bit more- she becomes herself. What lies within comes out.  Speaking in love and commiseration to those girls still in the tunnel- grappling themselves – who cannot yet rest of unshakable faith which comes so easily to some and with such work for others.  

It is our privilege and our mission at camp to create space, time, and opportunity for such moments as these.  Letting the leaps and bounds and lightning strikes come as they will.  Such risk and reward is thankfully common here- and this is by design.  Even so, we have such gratitude for the privilege of front row seats to such growth and beauty in our midst.