The Beauty Within Discipline

Jan 17, 2024 | Hanna Draddy Pautler

This is one of my newest discoveries: the importance and beauty of discipline. 

I came to this realization after I noticed a pattern in my life. The pattern is what I like to call, “There I go again thinking I can do it all on my own.” I get out of my routine of talking with God and regularly making time for my faith. That’s when I realize just how small I am and how I must lean on God to know me, show me His way, and help me stay on path. Once I get my routine and prayer back to where it should be, I feel great. It brings confidence and joy, and God and I are back to regularly talking. And right then, when I feel connected and confident, I start thinking I can do it on my own again. This is where discipline comes in.

 I am not naturally a planner. I like to go with the flow. The word “discipline” has always sent a shiver down my spine. That is until recently. It finally clicked that discipline is just another word for holding yourself accountable. And holding yourself accountable connects you to a healthier way of living. When I am strict with myself to wake up early enough, I gift myself time to pray in the morning. When I get to bed early it creates time to read, reserve opportunity for quiet moments, and allows me the rest I need in order to be present to those around me the next day. This routine outlines a more beautiful and healthier lifestyle for me. Not only that, but it helps with my mental health and with my heart health a whole lot. 

This “discipline” looks different for everyone. You know the ways in which you should push yourself. I know that for me, I am not a morning person. But then once I am up I appreciate the beauty of mornings. Discipline pushes me in the mornings so that I have time for quiet and to get to know God a bit more. I rediscover who God says I am in this time. I relearn that it’s not about me today or tomorrow. I learn to focus on those around me and how I can love better and stronger. I listen in those quiet moments for God to say my name and to push me in the direction He is leading me. 

What ways do you need to welcome discipline in your life today?