Staff & Directors

“We consider our staff to be the most important ingredient to creating a safe and wonderful summertime experience for our campers. We select our staff with the utmost care.”

Who do we look for?

Our Counselors set us apart. They are chosen for their character, spirit, and skill. The majority have grown up attending camp and they understand the impact the have on the life of a child. Giving back what so many of them have freely received, our staff takes a strong personal interest in our campers, and often these relationships grow into life-long friendships.

“The Staff’s maturity, insight, and good character is astounding. After every summer I am amazed at them and their entire program.”

AB, a parent from Baton Rouge, LA

Health and safety are of utmost importance to us. Many counselors have been in our skills programs for years and also undergo extensive pre-camp skills training to test their competence before our activities begin with our campers. Furthermore, they certify in Wilderness First-Aid and CPR, and our waterfront staff are Red Cross certified. Our infirmary is staffed by medical professionals around the clock during the summer. Safety is foundational to a happy experience for your child!

Heading our team are the Directors, Adam, John, and Jeffrey Trufant. Bringing many years of experience in youth ministry, outdoor leadership and education, they are devoted to making the Kahdalea and Chosatonga Spirit come to life for each child.

Jeffrey Trufant is the Director of Camp Chosatonga. Jeff is a seasoned international adventure guide and has worked in Nepal, Ireland, Austria, Hawaii, and Glacier, Zion, and Bryce Canyon National Parks amongst others. Jeff’s strengths for designing quality adventure programs and challenging our campers out of their comfort zones create a camping environment like no other. Feel free to reach out to Jeff at or click the link below to schedule a call.

Adam Trufant is the Director of Camp Kahdalea. Adam has worked in the outdoor industry in Thailand, Nepal, New Zealand, and with various camps and adventure programs in the United States. His experiences working with YoungLife and campus ministries have impressed upon him the need for fun, care-free environments in which children can grow. Adam has also led trips with CKC Staff to Europe, India (including several to Calcutta to serve alongside Mother Teresa’s order), Nepal, Mexico, Ecuador and Panama. Reach out to Adam at or click the link below to schedule a call.

John Trufant is the Director of Sites and Facilities at Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga. John’s knowledge of the National Forest surrounding camp is unrivaled and makes him an invaluable companion on and off the trail. An accomplished outdoorsman, handyman, world traveler, and musician, John’s presence enriches the camp environment on multiple levels! He takes pride in making camp beautiful and building up a place future generations can enjoy. Reach out to John at or click the link below to schedule a call.

David and Anne Trufant are the resident Directors Emeritus of Kahdalea and Chosatonga. For over 30 years Dave and Anne directed the camps and they raised their seven children there. Originally from New Orleans, both Anne and David grew up going to North Carolina summer camps where their passion grew for working with children and camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains. When they married, David was an accomplished paddler and mountaineer and owned a successful commercial photography business. Anne, a clinical social worker, was active in youth and women’s ministries and helped open a home for unwed mothers where she was privileged to work with Mother Teresa. With their love for children and the outdoors, Anne and David were thrilled with an amazing opportunity in 1990 to fulfill their dreams of directing summer camps! Anne is also a renowned retreat leader and musician both in the US and abroad (learn more about Anne’s work with The Mission on the Mountain), and David assists with retreats and school outdoor programs.

David and Anne Trufant with their family
Anne had the privilege of working alongside Mother Teresa during her work with a home for unwed mothers. Mother Teresa took over operations from Anne and her team for the Baton Rouge based home and worked in person with Anne and team over the course of two years.
David has long been a lover of the mountains! He’s shared this love as a trip leader for more than 40 years.
David and Anne love sharing their love for the wilderness and the beauty of God’s creation at Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga