Bus to Camp

The EFFORTLESS way to come to camp!

We are excited to facilitate bus transportation to and from camp again this summer!  Please note that the bus from Louisiana runs at the beginning and the end of our June and Main sessions, while the bus from the DC area runs at the beginning and end of our Main session. If your camper is signed up for a Junior or mini session, only one of their dates may align with a bus trip. 

RESERVATIONS and ROUTE: You can reserve your camper’s spot on the bus by logging into your camp-in-touch account at www.twofuncamps.com, clicking on the “Forms and Documents” link, and filling out the Transportation Form.  Payment confirms your place and can be completed online as well. In 2024, the cost is $200 each way.**

LOUISIANA BUS: A coach will leave from Baton Rouge. There will be a stop along the route to pick up campers in Mandeville, LA. Other stops may be arranged in MS and AL as needed.

DC BUS: In 2024, our DC area camp transit will leave from the Fair Oaks Mall Parking lot (across the street from Starbucks) in Fairfax, VA. DC area camp parents are invited to arrive at 5:30 am to drop off their campers and check in with our Staff Representative at the bus.

If you sign up in May, please call to confirm that your spot has been secured.

FOOD: We ask parents to pack a “school lunch” style meal for your camper on the drive up. Please avoid packing common serious allergens like peanuts and treenuts. Parents with campers riding a bus both ways are also welcome to send packaged snacks for the return journey as well. 

BUS UPDATES: As the summer approaches, we plan to communicate with families signed up for the bus via text as well as email.

There are general rules and information regarding the motorcoach. Please be familiar with this page. To learn more about your specific location and travel schedule, visit: LOUISIANA PLAN MISSISSIPPI-ALABAMA PLAN.


  • Be there early. The bus might leave on time.
  • You are responsible to see that your camper is ready and on time. There are no refunds for missing the bus.
  • Carefully see that all of your luggage is aboard. Double check.
  • Carefully see that your camper(s) is on board and stays on board. Double check.
  • You are responsible to get all of your camper’s belongings and luggage off the bus at the end of camp.


Luggage is our limiting factor. You should bring no more than 1 standard footlocker, one duffel bag and a small carry-on. Put the footlocker and duffels below and save a “squishy” carry-on for the overhead shelf or under the seats. Ship some ahead if you can. We had some luggage space problems on the June trip mostly because people used some oversized trunks and duffels. If your child has oversized luggage, please consider shipping one ahead of time. If you are above the number 40 on the list, it is unlikely that we will be able to fit your luggage. Plan to ship it.


We recommend a good dinner before departure and a few small snacks and a water-bottle for the trip. We ask parents to pack a “school lunch” style meal for your camper on the drive up. Please avoid packing common serious allergens like peanuts and treenuts.  We will also have some snacks available.

We usually calm everyone down around 11:00 for some snoozing. Very quiet talking will be ok as long as it is not disruptive. Personal stereos (w/headphones), small travel games like chess, etc are ok for the trip. We can store electronics in the office at camp for the trip back. Books and reading material are recommended.


We find these motor coaches are somewhat unpredictable due to traffic, weather, meals, road construction, etc., thus arrival and departure times can run later than the estimates.

Camps Kahdalea and Chosatonga are acting as facilitators for the parents who have begun the ball rolling on buses to camp. We are the logical clearing house for passing on information and handling the financial arrangements, rather than have a camp parent arrange this at home. As always, for the record, parents are responsible for travel arrangements to and from camp. Our office handles the details and we are happy to act as facilitators. The professional coach company from Louisiana is New Orleans Tours and from the DC area it is Virginia Premium Transportation Services.

May 1st is the final day you can receive a full refund for campers previously scheduled to ride the bus to or from the June Session, and June 1st is the last day full refunds are available for campers scheduled to ride the bus to or from the Main Session. Contact the camp office for details at 828-884-6834.

**Price may be subject to change though we always work to keep it low.

Join the fun!