Share the word about Camp and Save $200 :)

Aug 31, 2023 | Adam Trufant

Understanding CKC’s new “Share and Save” policy

It is no secret that our camp families are the best ambassadors of our programs and mission. No one spreads the word like those who love the place the most! As a small family business, we would like to thank and reward our camp families for sharing the word about our mission by instituting this brand new referral program at CKC. This program is simple; if you refer someone, you receive $200 off of your camper’s tuition for your openness to sharing the camp mission, and the new camp family you referred also gets $200 off their camp tuition as well for each camper they enroll in camp!

Why should I use the “Share and Save” opportunity?

Inviting a few friends along to camp helps contruct a year round community which helps your children grow with consistent friendships exposed to the same positive environments. CKC, in its own way, seeks to reenforce virtues and values that Christian families seek to share with their children at home. Sharing camp with friends from your community can strengthen the fabric of your camper’s community and support healthy character formation.

We understand that camp is a big investment of time, energy, trust, and money. We hope to honor your commitment to our camp family by giving back when we see your efforts put towards sharing the word! We also know you have wonderful things to do with your time and $200 can go a long way towards any number of things that could benefit your family and your community.

How do I use this policy?

It is easy to refer a friend and to receive the $200 off your camper’s tuition. Have your friend use the referral code HAVEFUN when they sign up! In order for both of you to receive the credit, have them put your name in the Lead Source Memo under Camper Referral. They can do this when filling out section 1 of the camper application.

This policy can not be retroactively used. They will be prompted to share the name of a single family that influenced their decision in the application.  Have them enter your name and we will note your help to the camp mission and credit both of your accounts $200!  Do this 5 times, and you will receive $1000 in discounts and extend $1000 worth of discounts to your friends 🙂