Bloom Where You Are Planted by Hanna Draddy

Oct 19, 2023 | Hanna Draddy Pautler

My mom always told me from a young age to “bloom where you are planted”. In other words, don’t focus on what could be or what may be if I were somewhere else or if I were someone else, rather focus on what is right in front of you. Recognize the real power you have to impact the present moment, to take life by the reins and change the world you are in at this very instant. This idea captured in the phrase “bloom where you are planted” carries into the impact we have with words, actions and decisions. Whether we are 8 or 80 we have the opportunity everyday to make a difference in the world around us. I always thought when people told me I could change the world, that they were being a little dramatic. “Me? Change not only North Carolina and North America but OTHER continents as well?!!” No, not me. But then when my mom continued to explain “Bloom where you are planted” it all made sense to me! Wherever I am, whatever I do, whenever I have the opportunity to speak, USE IT! 

Being Program Director of a place that has personally impacted the trajectory of my life and who I am as a woman has made it easy to understand “changing the world”. I have the opportunity to change the way girls view themselves, the type of friend they want to be or the type of friend they want to surround themselves with, or even how to play. Changing the world around us isn’t as far-fetched as we expect. It’s right in front of us! Whenever we are in a conversation, when we are asked to be on a board of some sort, when we attend a sporting event, whenever we hear gossip in a group, we are faced with opportunities to be bold and to love well. THAT, that makes a difference for a friend, for a school, for a team, for someone on the outskirts. Be that change! Do not only bloom where you are planted, but encourage those next to you to do the same.