The Magic is BACK!

Jun 7, 2023 | Adam Trufant

I wish you could see it. A few short minutes ago, the entire Kahdalea dining hall was rippling with wild movement, songs, dancing, and the brand of folly that is truly only on offer in this marvelous place! It is SO GOOD to see the spark return to these halls in the ecstatic form of hundreds of happy young women. There was not a face in the entire building that was not caught up in the joy of the evening which culminated, even as I write, in an all-out war of one of our tried-and-true Kahdalea classic games, tubemania. Truly, the summer is off to an incredible start!

Over the last 48 hours, our campers have settled in, chosen their own activity schedules, learned more about their cabin mates, laughed at our staff skits, and engaged in some epic full camp games. The energy is great and our ladies appear happy and settled.

After checking on all of our cabin lines on night 1, our wonderful Program Directors mentioned the comfort level in the cabins was unusually high for the first evening of camp, “It seems as if we’ve been here a month with how well everyone is getting along!” commented Molly Bernard, our Assistant Program Director. This bodes well for a beautiful session which has started out on the right foot!

A quick word to any nervous parents, our staff is phenomenal. our 3-1 camper to counselor ratio ensures that your campers are accompanied and given personal attention by some of the most wonderful young people anywhere. Many of our staff members grew up here, and they know the power of an encouraging word and an uplifting presence. They are impressing me every single day with how they love your children.

While I can only mention what I’m seeing on the Kahdalea side of the mountain, I know from the smiles and the witness of Dave Trufant and Director Jeffrey Trufant that things are going smoothly and well at Chosatonga as well! More to come on that front 🙂

God bless you all! Thank you for entrusting your wonderful treasures to us this summer, and join us for praying for the exact summer God has in mind for them.